25 Years Young or Old?

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Eating my bowl of frosties while watching Sky’s Sunday Supplement and an interesting point raised by one of the journalists grabbed my attention “Have we seen the best of Wayne Rooney at 25?”

My initial reaction was to laugh off such suggestions; I mean did they not see Rooney’s spectacular overhead kick in the biggest game on the United calendar? But then I thought perhaps moments like this are just a reminder of what Rooney could do in his early days, I mean just short of a year of not being on top of your game, is a bit more than a blip in form.

Think back to Michael Owen, wowed the world at France ’98 with one of the greatest World Cup goals ever against Argentina but by 25 Owen was having numerous periods on the sidelines and having a not very successful period at Real Madrid and even now at 31, while at Manchester United he is in and out of the treatment room and being over looked by such players as Federico Macheda and Javier Hernandez (I refuse to call him Chiquerito). Owen promised great things and he delivered but he genuinely had peaked by 25 and why should Wayne Rooney be any different?

That raises questions on Fernando Torres or El Neno as I prefer to call him. £50 Million for a 25 year old is loose change in today’s game but it is however alot of money for a player perhaps on the decline already. El Neno’s almost petulant behaviour at Liverpool for the last 5 months or so was perhaps just a player that has already seen his glory days and just couldn’t perform to the high standards he had set and kidded himself he needed a new challenge.

I think we all know Torres will come good at Chelsea and Rooney is still a world class striker who has just had a bad year on and off the pitch, but we had seen the best of Robbie Fowler. Michael Owen and Joe Cole by 25(in my opinion anyway) but it certainly is food for thought.

  1. Tony Tiger says:

    I love frosties too!! They’re ggggggrrrrrreat!!!

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