Time to set up Camp somewhere Nou for Fab?

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Arsenal greats that Francesc Fabregas is sure to go down with all have one telling difference from the young Spaniard; they wouldn’t have attempted a ridiculous back heel against arguably one of the greatest teams ever, on the stroke of half time- it was clumsy, careless and a subconscious sign of where Fabregas’ heart lies (if any proof was needed).

As the season draws to a close and the transfer window re opens, speculation will be rife and without a shadow of a doubt Fabregas will be linked with a return to the Nou Camp, however (and I’m sure most football fans will agree with me), this story has become irritating, especially with Fabregas declaring his desire to return to the Nou Camp and play for Barcelona. (Little tip for all you up-and-coming footballers; if you want to play for Barcelona and you are at Barcelona, a good place to stay is Barcelona and not go wandering around Europe).

I could never imagine the likes of Kenny Samson or Pat Rice hugging and joking around with their fellow compatriots in the tunnel before a game, but Francesc Fabregas, Arsenal’s captain, the man supposed to lead by example, was all over Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta as if it were a family reunion. Add that to the image of Fabregas wearing a Barcelona shirt when celebrating Spain’s World Cup victory and, apart from the disrespect to all those involved with Arsenal, it shows that the Spanish international isn’t happy with the North London outfit and therefore should be moved on.

Fabregas is definitely a fabulous talent, however I feel Arsenal are almost hindered by Fabregas’ inclusion in the starting eleven at the moment, as Samir Nasri, who arguably has been Arsenal’s player of the season, played in Fabregas’ role when he was out injured at the beginning of the season. This spell saw Nasri reach double figures in a matter of games and, although still a threat, Nasri’s influence isn’t as powerful out on the wing. Furthermore, Fabregas’ inclusion does seem to create a slight battle between him and Jack Wilshere for control; and credit to the young Englishman, in recent weeks he has outshone his World Cup winning teammate with a string of man of the match performances.

Wenger has tried numerous ‘bribes’ to maintain the Spaniard’s services, most notably making him captain, but I think even Fabregas wouldn’t put up much of a fight against those who doubt his captaincy credentials. Apart from offering Fabregas the keys to the stadium, Wenger has done all he can and it may be time to cash in on his prize assest and bring in that special brand of player that defines captaincy; possessing John Terry’s courage, Nemanja Vidic’s strength and Scott Parker’s desire. Perhaps they already have that in Jack Wilshere, but that’s for another article.

  1. Brownlow says:

    Frank McLintock, Liam Brady, Tony Adams – Arsenal Captains. Cesc Fabregas Fraud.

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