Despite nearly repeating the historic treble and still being on course for a double, Manchester United have found themselves criticised throughout the season for not having the best squad. Lack of talent, desire and depth are all accusations that have been labelled at the champions elect this Premier League campaign, so come the next transfer window will it be time for a summer clear out of the ‘deadwood’ in the United ranks?

There are reportedly question marks over nearly a dozen players regarding their futures at the club. Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owen are out of contract, Wes Brown and Tomasz Kuszczak are reportedly up for sale and the talents of Dimitar Berbatov, Darron Gibson and Gabriel Obertan are still being questioned. Is losing so many squad players at once the right way forward for the footballing giants?

Michael Owen finds himself way down the pecking order at Old Trafford, behind Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and Javier Hernandez; despite rumours of Berbatov heading off to pastures new, the Englishman will still be overlooked due to the return of Federico Macheda and Danny Welbeck from on loan.

Verdict: You’re Fired

Owen Hargreaves, a walking A&E unit, has managed only 39 appearances in nearly four seasons at the club and despite probably fitting the mould of the player to replace the ageing Paul Scholes, with too many questions mark over fitness of the midfielder, the England international is too much of a liability for such a big club like United to take a risk on.

Verdict: You’re Fired

Wes Brown has never really been a fan favourite or a favourite of any kind, but Brown offers the versatility and experience that a club the size of Manchester United needs. Squad players are a key fixture in the modern game with players sometimes playing three games a week, combined with question marks surrounding Rio Ferdinand’s long term fitness and Chris Smalling’s lack of experience, Brown could be a very handy player for Ferguson to hang on to.

Verdict: You’re Hired

Tomasz Kuszczak has been waiting and waiting for the ever impressive Edwin Van Der Sar to retire, but now that season has come it seems the Red Devils appear adamant on signing a new world-class replacement for him, instead of handing some more responsibility to their unreassuring number two.

Verdict: You’re Fired

Dimiater Berbatov is the Premier League’s leading goalscorer with 21 goals this season, but the tally includes three hat tricks; don’t get me wrong, a very impressive feat but it is the Bulgarian forward’s all round contribution that leaves a lot to be desired. Wayne Rooney, even when out of form, is a given in the starting eleven and Javier Hernandez has been a breath of fresh air for the Red Devils faithful this season, in recent weeks being favoured by Sir Alex for the ‘bigger’ games. Berbatov, ultimately, just isn’t what Manchester United need right now.

Verdict: You’re Fired

Darron Gibson, I feel sorry for the guy, how can you possibly live up to the billing of the ‘next Paul Scholes’? Gibson has been criticised and ridiculed for the majority of his of Red Devils career, but with Scholes more than likely to hang up his boots at the end of the season, should the Republic of Ireland international hang around for one more season without the ‘legend ‘ of Scholes overshadowing him?

Verdict: You’re Hired

Gabriel Obertan, I’m not sure how long he should be given to make an impact at Manchester United? But all I know is that the Frenchman frustrates me and just doesn’t look like ousting either Nani or Valencia on the wings now, or ever.

Verdict: You’re Fired

There is, in this humble writers opinion, room for a ‘mass’ exodus at United, and Ferguson is the best man to oversee this, the Scot has orchestrated numerous clear-outs during his tenure. Also, with rumours constantly circulating the Salford-based club with such signings as David de Gea, Ashley Young and Gareth Bale being touted, I’m sure United will be fine.


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