Media Circus has left town?

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Arsenal, Premier League

As a sixth trophyless season draws to a close for Arsenal, there are two things that will still be the same from the previous five, number one is that the pies will still be incredibly overpriced and Cesc Fabregas will be the centre of yet another transfer saga. This is I’m sure, not only just tiresome and boring for Arsenal fans but for fans in general of the beautiful game. Barcelona will pretend they aren’t interested, Wenger will say the usual cliché ‘We need to build the team around him’ and Joey Barton will beat up a team mate for being too cheerful, all the previous three things are undeniable facts. But come the end of the transfer circus this summer where will the Spaniard find himself? With each day, will come a different back page story about how close the deal is or isn’t to completion but would it be such a bad thing for Arsenal if they lost their ‘El Capitan’.

Stop press, hold the back page and ignore the above (apart from the the Joey Barton bit). Gareth Bale, Neymar, Carlos Tevez and Didier Drogba all come to mind before Cesc in the silly season that is the transfer window; add to this Nasri, Wilshere and Szczensy all of which are stronger candidates for Arsenal’s player of the season, is Fabregas really big back page news any more?

Yes he is a playermaker, yes he can score goals and yes you still think something might happen when he has possession but doesn’t this ring true of the ‘lesser’ players such as Blackpool’s Charlie Adam, Birmingham’s Sebastian Larsson and West Ham’s Mark Noble. I’m not for one second suggesting, with all due respect, that the aforementioned players will make the Barca starting eleven but would Fabregas necessarily? Because after all 2009/10 was a brilliant season for Arsenal’s talisman and yet throughout the 2010 World Cup, Fab found himself playing the role of the monkey to Spain’s numerous Catalan organ grinders.

“Fabregas sets up Camp somewhere Nou” this headline in the Saturday morning papers, if it were to happen, would certainly interest all us football fans. However come Sunday morning’s headlines would it only be the red contingent of North London who would be dwelling on Fabregas’ departure ? Everything is about timing and the Emirates Nou Camp tug of war, peaked last summer and as for now will be the warm up act to this year’s media circus, which no doubt will be White Hart Lane versus Old Trafford.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry left at the height of the media frenzy. Francesc Fabregas leaves Arsenal in the summer of 2011 after the media circus has left town?


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