Do you want to be a very good player, Wazza or a truly great player?

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Football Blogs, Manchester United, Premier League

We all remember the goal that announced a 16 year old, Wayne Rooney to the wonderful world of football and as that ball nestled in the goal of David Seaman fans, pundits and players alike all began dreaming of what this English sensation could go on to achieve but a decade on from that afternoon on Goodison is Rooney really reaching the potential his talents deserve?

Sir Alex Ferguson delivered a warning to his striker after the Scouser missed another penalty against Bolton Wanderers at the weekend, with the Scotsman declaring “Wayne had his moments but he can do better really,” And you really would find it hard to disagree with the Red Devils manager.

At the age of 26 the world of football really has to stop viewing ‘Wazza’ as the ‘boy wonder’ that exploded into our lives ten years ago and to a certain extent, Rooney himself has to stop seeing himself as this teenage starlet and start playing with an air of maturity because it is hindering the volatile England international, especially when you consider that at the age of 25 Maradona had single handedly won the World Cup with Argentina and Bobby Moore achieved the same feat.

Rooney has experienced it all in football and now Fergie is looking for the former Everton striker to consistently step up and be the leader that his Red Devils side needs, much like the way Ronaldo and Messi do in La Liga, the former Aberdeen boss is desperate for his ‘superstar’ to have the same application and impetus that the two previous Ballon D’or winners consistently have in every 90 minutes.

In the run up to the European Championships Wayne Rooney has to ask himself one question and that is ‘Does he want to be the best player England have or does he want to be deemed one of the world’s greatest players?’ He definitely has the talent to be the latter.

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