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Loan signings are cheating.  I mean how can Emmanuel Adebayor transform Tottenham Hotspur’s season and perhaps in the long run cost his parent club Manchester City the Premier League title?

For all of the praise the Premier League receives for being the best league in the world, it is fundamentally flawed in that it allows loan deals internally within the same league.

Jamie O’Hara last season joined Wolverhampton Wanderers on loan from Spurs and was a major influence in keeping Wolves in the Premier League. When the tenacious centre midfielder joined Mick McCarthy’s side were languishing in 19th position and eventually avoided relegation by one place and one point. Although you can’t say single handedly that the Englishman pulled Wolves from the brink but you could definitely argue that would have David Edwards and Karl Henry impacted as much in the middle of the park as O’Hara did?

Birmingham City were the team to take the unwanted final place back in the Championship but not because Wolves squad was better than theirs it was because Tottenham Hotspur’s reserves were. How can Spurs influence both ends of the table?

If you can’t loan out players between one Premiership team and another, then league’s such as the Championship are the next best option. The benefits of sending the likes of Adebayor, Jamie O’Hara and Yossi Benayoun out on loan to the lower leagues of English football are huge. Players of clubs such as Cardiff, Bristol City and Watford would learn and gain so much from having players who have Champions League, Premier League and World Cup experience within their team.

At a time where the gulf between Premier League and the Championship is currently criticised as being too big of a step up, surely an influx of experienced international footballer’s within the lesser ranks of English football will help bridge that ever increasing gap?

If we ban in the Premier League surely you’d have to prevent loan deals to teams with the same tournaments too? Adebayor couldn’t join Real Madrid, Quaresma couldn’t join Chelsea and Tevez couldn’t join AC Milan on loan (If the rumours are true). However we would expect Andy Carroll to score for Liverpool before we see a swift decision made by the footballing bodies.

The conflict of interests between loan deals is massive and yet in an era that has seen Serie A basically closed down due to match fixing, the most obvious form of ‘influencing’ games is a legitimate rule within football.

Overall if the rules were to change and internal loans were banned, the team that would benefit the most is Sunderland…as they’d get to send Nicklas Bendtner back.


The Premier League has given us Cantona, Ginola and Beckham who ultimately we all love no matter who they kicked in World Cup ’98. It has also thrown up the likes of Kevin Davies, Duncan Ferguson and Vinnie Jones, not loathed as much as the ones who made my ‘Dirty XI’ but would certainly make another football fans.

I have ignored the ones with silly haircuts, poor fashion sense or the ones who wouldn’t look out of place in a boy band. What’s left is the not very good, the bad and the ugly.

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Craig Bellamy

Dubbed ‘The Nutter with the Putter’ by the media, after allegedly beating up, then, Liverpool team-mate John Arne Riise with a golf club, is one of many reasons for Craig Bellamy being on the list. The Welsh international lack of popularity in the game stems from his confrontational style of play, which may be the reason that Bellamy finds himself at his 8th club in the last decade.

Jens Lehmann

Reminds me of that kid in the playground trying to be cool and ‘hard’;when you’re 6 years old it is cute but when your German, old and slightly eccentric its not. Lehmann had a comical run in with Didier Drogba that wouldn’t have looked out of place with the Benny Hill theme tune playing in the background. Lehmann always seemed to take offence to anyone who felt they could be in ‘his’ box and for that reason he just generally antagonised anyone that was brave enough to enter.

John Terry

Doesn’t he know the guy code? ‘Bro’s before Ho’s.’ Cheating on your wife with your friend’s ex girlfriend doesn’t exactly do a lot for team moral. Ignoring Terry’s off the field issues, don’t you just think the guy is *enter any word you feel appropriate.*

Emmanuel Adebayor

Enjoyed a successful beginning with the Arsenal faithful, with many believing the Togolese international was heir to Thierry Henry’s throne. However following pay-rise demands, ‘hit and miss performances’ and then joining ‘top four’ rivals Manchester City, it is safe to say that Arsenal fans now despise Adebayor but this wasn’t enough for the striker. To guarantee he wouldn’t receive a Christmas card from his former employers, the Togo captain stamped on Robin Van Persie and ran the entire length of the Eastlands pitch to celebrate his goal for new club Manchester City, in front of the Arsenal away fans. I think they call that excessive banter.

Gary Neville

Spent his entire career at Manchester United, a club fans love to hate and seeing as Neville captained the Red Devils it doesn’t help him stay out of lists like this, but his arrogance and strong opinions combined with running 40 yards across the Old Trafford pitch to celebrate a Manchester United winner against Liverpool right in front of the visiting fans probably has a lot to do with his appearance.

El Haji Diouf

El Hadji Diouf feeds off his reputation as the villain of the Premier League. Diouf constantly seems to rile up opposition fans for his own amusement. The Senegalese forward does have one absolutely disgusting habit that warrants his place on this list in its own right, sending phlegm bombs at whomever he sees fit, most notably Celtic fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The 2008 World and European Footballer of the Year but that doesn’t stop him being total ‘winker.’ Unanimously hated by the English faithful for his part in Rooney’s sending off in the 2006 World Cup. I feel however the reason he warrants such a high place on the list is because of his tendency for going to ground like a ‘fairy’ and his sarcastic clapping of referees when decisions don’t go his way, such behaviour easily warrants three yellow cards of Graham Poll.

Joey Barton

Cannot escape controversy no matter what team he moves to. A one-man controversy magnet who finds enemies in team-mates, opposition and fans alike. Barton’s style of play numerously over steps the mark, resulting in countless disciplinary issues but Barton’s standout discrepancy has to be the moment of pure madness when he lit a cigar in the eye of Manchester City youth player Jamie Tandy.

Lee Bowyer

The man who holds the title of most Premier League bookings was always going to be here but just in case Bowyer was worried he would miss out, he decided to fight a team-mate during a game. Ok Mr Bowyer your wish is granted, Number 3. Happy?

Robbie Savage

You all knew he would be here; you just kept waiting to see how high. No explanation needed.

Ashley Cole

Moved to Chelsea from Arsenal surrounded by a huge ‘tapping up’ scandal and although the England international doubled his bank account, his reputation took a battering. Cole didn’t help matters though was a now infamous excerpt from his autobiography, in which he admits he “almost crashed [his] car” after being told Arsenal would only be paying him £55,000 per week. This line of pure greed earnt Cole the nickname ‘Cashley.’ The man is a walking PR disaster and after cheating on the ‘national treasure’ that is Cheryl Tweedy, Cole well an truly deserves his place on the list.

Substitutes: Martin Keown (one of those faces), Roy Keane (the list is endless), Didier Drogba (has an A level in moaning), Dennis Wise (dirty little…) and William Gallas (cry baby)