Sparky, a word of warning

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Premier League, QPR
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Carlos Tevez, Brazilian centre back Alex and David Beckham are just some of the players that QPR have been linked with since Mark Hughes took over Neil Warnock’s soap opera. All these players are at a different level to current crop of Rangers ‘stars’ so it definitely gives us an insight into what the desired next step for the Premier League new boys is and what their owners hope to achieve under Sparky’s tenure.

There is no denying these are exciting times for QPR but whether it be the fact I’m 21 going on 50 or the fact I’ve picked up paper after paper over the years and continually read about the most preposterous of rumours, that I can’t help but have a air of cynicism about the gossip QPR is creating.

The QPR hierarchy has come out this week via every form of social media they possibly could to announce that there is money to be spent at Loftus Road (£20 million is believed to be figure). Mark Hughes must be squirming in the dugout every time he says another comment from the board because how can he expect to sign to anyone for market value when Fernandes et al are telling the selling clubs that the former Fulham manager has a wod of fifties in his back pocket, teams will see QPR coming and try and sting them for every penny. How can a manager expect to do good and sensible business for his club under those circumstances?

You never see the likes of David Gill or Stan Kroenke yelling from the top of their teams respective home grounds about how much money Fergie and Wenger have to spend (In Arsenal’s case I don’t think they even remember whose face is on the money its been that long since it was seen being used). They conduct their business quietly and in an orderly fashion (an orderly fashion isn’t 140 characters long, Mr Fernandes).

This all rings too similar to the Notts County saga a couple of years back, you know the one when Sven Goran Eriksson was to lead the revolution, Sol Campbell left after one game and Christian Vieri was the Swede’s number one transfer target. I understand the gulf in the divisions and finances needs to be taken into consideration but you have to remember this is the same Fernandes that was seen as nothing short of a joke by West Ham’s current owners David Gold and David Sullivan when the owner of Air Asia tried to by the club for “two bob”.

Mark Hughes style of management is calm,calculated and sensible something that QPR need to prevent the big whigs upstairs turning The Hoops into a Twitter drama but in a era of football that has well and truly seen football transformed from a sport to a business, I reckon the former Blackburn Rovers manager will also be the former Queens Park Rangers manager in twelve months time.

Be careful, Sparky and good luck.

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  1. Good arguement in this article and certainly a fresh approach to look at the idea.

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